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End of the world? 7 excellent reasons to visit Kamchatka

Kamchatka is a destination for the brave – no doubt about that!

  • It’s far away (and I mean, as in VERY far, though it depends on where you are currently on the map, of course)
  • This place is only available for tourism a few months a year (usually in summer)
  • Travelling here is expensive (and believe me when I say that what you pay for the flight ticket is still nothing compared to the expenses for some of the excursions!

But -believe me when I say this as a person who has lived in Kamchatka for 30+ years – Kamchatka is still one of the most amazing places on Earth and definitely worth seeing! I’ve made an overview about Kamchatka that travelicious.world graciously published – and I’ve found at least 7 great reasons for you to visit the end of the world. Click on the link to see them all:

7 excellent reasons for you to come to Kamchatka

And stay tuned for more articles and reviews – including travelling around Kamchatka on a tight budget!