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My name is Katia, I’m an IT specialist, a teacher, a free-lance writer, an interpreter, a handmade artist and a part-time guide born and grown up in Kamchatka, Russia (it’s that peninsula in the Far-Eastern part of Russia that’s closest to Japan or Alaska). People usually say that Alaska is the last frontier, but i believe Kamchatka is worthier of this title! The land of fire-breathing volcanoes, geysers and undisturbed wildlife is the place to be if you wish to be one with the nature. As a guide and an interpreter I’ve visited many of Kamchatka’s most remote and unique places and i’m eager to share my experience. If you wish to visit this faraway spot -whether independently or as part of a group –  feel free to ask me for pointers and advice.

In my free time I enjoy making a wide range of handmade items -from stylish soutache jewellery to toys and quiet books made from felt. Even in my art I often get inspired by the place I live – guess what the theme of my last quiet book is? (Kamchatka, of course!)

Whenever I’m away from Kamchatka I’m all for independent travels – i think it’s a perfect way to see the world – and i like to experience new cities through non-touristy places and locals’ advice. I’ve been to some interesting places around the world, from quite conventional ones like Istanbul to exotic ones like Bulawayo in Zimbabwe.

Life is sure too short to see all the exciting places there are in the world!

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